Safety Rig is America's #1 Source for oilfield safety products, including whipchecks and whipsocks, pipe clamps and hose hobbles, fall arrest systems and more. For more information on the safety products we carry, email us at

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hose hobble

Wire Rope Hose Hobbles, Cable Hose Hobbles, Chain Hose Hobbles, One Clamp, Two Clamp, Grade 8 Alloy Hose Hobble, Stainless Steel Hose Hobble, API Hose Hobble, Pull Tested Cable Systems

Hose hobbles, safety clamps for high pressure drilling hoses, low pressure industrial hoses and other application to suit your clamp needs. we offer hoses clamps with both wire rope and steel chain with shackles and pad eye all are availible with mill certs, test certs and inspection reports upon request.


pipe clamp

Vertical Pipe Clamps, Stand Pipe Clamps, Horizonal Pipe Clamps, Open Pipe Clamps, Angled Pipe Clamps, Jack Pipe Clamps, Two-Bolt Clamps, Four-Bolt Clamps, Custom Pipe Clamps

We offer pipe clamps in many sizes and can be custom made to suit your application.


Nylon hose restraints

High pressure whip check for high pressure application made to any size suitable for very high pressure hoses use. Commonly used on hoses 1000 psi up to 10,000psi.

Nylon whip check for hose and pipe restraining. all sizes availible below are som common sizes and lengths.

we offer a 2' lengths suited for 1/4" hoses up to 3/4" hoses in high pressure the 3' length suited for 1/4" hose up to 1" hose in high pressure and the 5' length suited for 2" hose in medium pressures we also offer a 6' lengths suited for larger o.d hoses such as 3" to 8" in low pressure applications. can be made to any length to suit Larger o.d hoses such as 12" etc.

How to install the nylon lanyards-LINK Custom made to any size needed for any id hose you may have.

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Hose to Hose Whipsocks, Hose to Tool Whipsocks, Flow Line Restraint Whipsocks, Hydraulic Hose Restraints, Air Hose Restraints, Water Hose Restraints


Stainless steel whip checks click here


Hose to Hose Whipchecks, Type W, Hose to Tool Whipchecks, Type WSR, Flow Line Restraint Whipchecks, Hydraulic Hose Restraints, Air Hose Restraints, Lanyard Whipchecks, Stainless and carbon steel


safety clamps

Safety Pipe Clamps, Brass Safety Chains, Stainless Steel Security Chains, Wire Rope Security Cables, Lanyards, Safety Clips, Lifting Collars, Snubbing Line, Hose Lifters